Professional Development

Supporting Our Staff

The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to bring colleagues across the Division together to enhance relationships, grow professional skills, and promote intellectual dialogue around issues important to the field of Student Affairs and Georgetown University.

Three distinct subcommittees support these efforts:

Click on each of the subcommittees above to learn more about how we are facilitating positive and intentional professional development for staff members in the Division of Student Affairs.



Onboarding Subcommittee

Goal: Create a consistent and positive experience for all new hires to welcome them to Georgetown and the Division of Student Affairs.

What that looks like this year: 
We will host four on-boarding meeting dates disbursed throughout the calendar year, to ensure that every new staff member is welcomed to the Division of Student Affairs and is equipped to feel at home in their new work environment within the first few months of being hired.

New employees should look forward to:

  • Connecting with a current Student Affairs staff member “buddy” even before their first day of work, who can help with the transition to Georgetown and Washington D.C. This buddy can answer questions related to housing, transportation to work, getting familiar with the city, etc.
  • Participating in Gallup’s StrenthsQuest assessment with other new hires - one of our many ways to help identify additional skills and interests beyond the new hire's specific position that could assist the division in certain goals and bridge gaps across the departments.
  • Receiving relevant information related to the University, including a Student Affairs supervisor checklist, in addition to the standard HR list.

How to get involved: 
We will survey all new hires prior to starting at Georgetown to help coordinate these efforts and ensure a positive on-boarding experience.  

Questions? Contact:



Social Subcommittee

Goal: Create opportunities for the Division of Student Affairs to engage in social activities together to increase and sustain a culture of community, vibrancy, and celebration.

How to get involved:
All events hosted by the Social Committee will be shared through Division-wide emails, we hope to see you there!

Questions? Contact:
Christian Sese, CMEA




Mentoring Subcommittee

Goal: Provide opportunities for the Division to participate in organized mentoring relationships and learn from one another either in one-on-one interactions.

What that looks like this year: 
Staff members who have taken on a mentorship role are willing to share their professional experience, highlight on-campus opportunities and resources, and act as a sounding board for career-related brainstorming for other members of the Division of Student Affairs. These mentors are paired with mentees, staff members who self-select as being interested in having someone outside of their current department who they can trust and build a relationship with.

The mentor-mentee relationships will, by their very nature, be different depending on the individuals involved. A firm commitment to the mentoring process and a willingness to invest time and energy are the most important components in a successful relationship. Participants are encouraged to meet 1-5 times per semester.

The mentoring committee plans also to host an event each semester to provide space for all participants in the mentoring program to gather and connect.

How to get involved:
If you are interested in participating in this mentoring program, either as a mentor or mentee, contact Whitney Maddox or Rebecca Hantman.

Questions? Contact:
Whitney Maddox, Student Conduct

Rebecca Hantman, Cawley Career Education Center