Hosting a Guest Policy

The right of a student to live in reasonable privacy takes precedence over the right of a roommate to entertain a guest in the room. In determining when guests should be invited to the room, common sense and mutual respect should prevail. Student rooms are for use by the Georgetown University student assigned to that room and may not be used by other students or by those who are not members of the University community without the prior approval of all of the assigned students. Multiple guests may only be accommodated with the prior permission of Residence Life.

Visitors to a Georgetown University residence hall must have a host who is a resident of that building, present identification, sign the guest book at the security desk in the residence hall office and use the available telephone to call the resident. While a non-Georgetown guest is anywhere on University owned property, the student host is responsible for the behaviors of the guest.

Guests are expected to abide by all Georgetown University rules and regulations. Guests are not permitted to stay overnight unless accompanied by a designated host for a maximum of three days. Guests may not stay in unoccupied beds without the consent of the student whose bed is to be used. For safety reasons, Resident Assistants must be informed if an overnight guest is expected. No one may sleep in University lounges.