Advertising Policy for Student Media

As publisher/manager, the University retains the right to:

  1. Exclude advertisements for abortion services, (contraception, sperm donors) of any kind from any and all student media.
  2. Deny use of funds from any University budget for any media containing such advertisement.
  3. Take action through the procedures outlined below against any member of any editorial board approving such advertising.
  4. Exclude advertisements paid through an exchange of goods and/or service other than cash unless involved in a promotion approved by the media’s editorial board and cleared by the Center for Student Programs.
  5. Exclude advertisements of research papers or research assistance services of any kind.
  6. Exclude any advertising that promotes violation of the intention and spirit of the DC Code and/or Georgetown University regulations.

The University also reserves the right to specify further types of advertisements that it considers to be grossly unjust or inconsistent with the conscience of Georgetown as a Catholic, Jesuit educational institution and to prohibit such advertisements from student media. Any such future prohibitions must be made with the advice and consultation of the Media Board, must be specified in writing to all student media and must be added to the exclusionary rights of this policy on student media before denial of any allotted funds.

Only for proper and stated causes will editors and members of editorial boards be subject to sanctions and then only by orderly and prescribed procedures stated herein. No editor may be retroactively subject to sanction for previously unspecified transgressions.