Bridge Housing

Georgetown understands that some undergraduate students may experience housing instability during scheduled university breaks. Georgetown offers a limited amount of bridge housing to undergraduate students experiencing challenging circumstances during winter break and over the summer, so that these students may maintain access to campus resources.

Georgetown will work with undergraduate students in the following categories:

  1. the student’s family is staying in temporary housing or a shelter, 
  2. the student has been determined to be independent by the federal government and/or by Georgetown’s Office of Student Financial Services,
  3. the student’s home is physically unsafe,
  4. the student’s home country is experiencing political conflict, or
  5. other circumstances that have resulted in unsafe or unstable housing.

Please note that graduating students are not eligible for bridge housing after they graduate.  Additionally, students planning to take classes should instead apply for Summer Financial Aid; please reference the information below on “summer enrollment.”

Eligibility for bridge housing will be evaluated by a working group of Georgetown administrators. If a student is eligible for bridge housing, the specific support provided will be tailored to the student’s unique circumstances.

Many students, including those who do not meet the above criteria, may be interested in seeking resources to support themselves over scheduled university breaks. This page contains helpful information to assist in self-directed planning for university breaks.

Winter Break

Georgetown’s residential buildings, except University townhouses & 55 H Street, are closed when the university is closed during winter break.  

  • Eligible Georgetown Scholars Program (GSP) students receive outreach about other housing options during winter break. 
  • Undergraduate students who are not in GSP and are experiencing one or more of the personal circumstances noted above should contact Student Outreach & Support at to receive advising support and discuss possible solutions regarding winter break.


We encourage students to explore the resources below as you plan for the summer:

  • Summer Enrollment: If you are planning on taking academic courses for credit during one of the Summer Sessions, you can sign up to live on campus through the Hoya Housing website and apply for financial aid for the summer. If you are eligible for need-based financial aid, your aid package will include an allotment for housing and food.
  • Summer Employment: There are a number of flexible student employment opportunities on campus over the summer that provide university housing.
    • Please visit the Residential Living website for more information about its summer hiring process.
    • Please also keep an eye on the Student Employment Office website for summer employment opportunities with offices like Campus Recreation, Georgetown Event Management Services, Student Centers, Facilities Management, and many others. New opportunities are posted throughout the spring semester.
  • Summer Research Fellowships and Internship Funding:
    • Georgetown’s Cawley Career Education Center maintains a database of funding opportunities, with myriad funding options for summer.
    • Several summer research fellowships administered by Georgetown’s Center for Research and Fellowships (CRF) offer funding for housing and food during the summer. Their website also includes links to additional funded summer research opportunities offered by the Office of the Provost, as well as by individual schools and centers.

If you are still concerned that you will not have safe housing over the summer, please complete this Summer 2023 Bridge Housing Form, and a staff member will be in touch with you.