Hoya Family Forums

The Hoya Family Forums are an initiative launched by the Vice President of Student Affairs in May of 2023. The forums are an opportunity for parents of Georgetown students to engage with University leadership and understand their student’s experience on campus. Each forum centers around a different topic, each touching on student life, sense of belonging, and community, to name a few themes.

The sessions are held over Zoom webinar, with the first few of the Fall 2023 semester focused on the experiences of first-year students. Each forum is led by a panel of leadership or current students, and attendees can submit questions using Zoom’s Q&A function. Captions are available for all attendees, and the sessions are recorded for those who are not able to join live. 

View Session Recording: October 2, 2023

View Session Recording: November 6, 2023

View Session Recording: January 22, 2024

View Session Recording: March 18, 2024

Please contact studentaffairs@georgetown.edu with any questions or concerns.