Academic Policies

Academic Policies provide an overview of academic honesty from the Georgetown University Honor Council and student bulletins and handbooks.

Georgetown University Honor Council – The Honor System

The Georgetown University Honor Council is the principal administrative body of the University’s Honor System. The Honor Council has two primary responsibilities: to administer the procedures of the Honor System and to educate the faculty and undergraduate student body about the standards of conduct and procedures of the System.

Georgetown Law Bulletin

Overview of Georgetown Law academic calendar, faculty, Juris Doctor Program, joint degree programs, administrative policies and tuition.

Graduate Bulletin

Overview of graduate requirements for admissions, awarding of degrees, registration, research, thesis and dissertation integrity.

School of Continuing Studies Handbook

Overview of Continuing Education & Professional Education student handbook of university, courses, certification,and student account policy.

School of Medicine Handbook

Overview of Georgetown School of Medicine handbook policies of professionalism, dress, confidentiality,advisers, curriculum, graduation, leave of absence, financial aid and pharmaceutical/industry relationships.

Undergraduate Bulletin

Overview of undergraduate admission process, financial aid, calendar, colleges, degree programs and requirements and course descriptions.