The Lena Landegger Community Service Awards Nomination Instructions

Members of the Georgetown community are encouraged to bring this opportunity to the attention of deserving candidates by nominating them. Students must complete an application to be considered for the award.  A nomination from a trusted faculty or staff mentor can serve as valuable encouragement for a student to complete the application. Students who are nominated are NOT required to apply; rather, the Landegger Community Service Awards committee will contact nominated students as additional encouragement. You may nominate more than one student, and will need to complete the form for each student you wish to nominate. Please note that while the form gathers your contact information in case follow up is needed, you have the option to nominate students anonymously. All third- and fourth-year students are eligible to apply.

There is no deadline to submit nominations, but please keep in mind that nominees will need time to request recommendations and prepare their applications.  The deadline for students to submit their applications is 11:59pm on September 25, 2019.

Click here to nominate a student.

Questions regarding nominations should be addressed to