Student Affairs and other student related policies are a university-wide system of rules and procedures that aim to create a safe, diverse and intellectual community for all students to enjoy during their time at the university.


Student Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct guide students on policies and sanctions regarding alcohol, illegal drugs, harassment and sexual misconduct, student privacy and security as well as intellectual property rights and off-campus housing.

Speech and expression

The policy guiding speech and expression is intended to ensure the "untrammeled expression of ideas and information." This policy serves as  guide for speech and expression on campus.

Living on Campus

Living on Campus policies direct students on the proper procedures for hosting guests, changing rooms and room search, entry and inspection while living in the residential halls at Georgetown.

Student Organizations

Student Organization policies are provided to students as a guide of their rights to utilize campus facilities and media in such a way that abide by the university's code of conduct.

Student Health & Accommodations

Student Health and Accommodations provide students with information on Medical Leave of Absence, temporary injuries and the different options available for students with disabilities.

Academic Related Policies

Academic Related Policies provide an overview of academic honesty from the Georgetown University Honor Council and student bulletins and handbooks.

Policy on Alcohol & Other Drugs

Our policies on alcohol and other drugs reflect the requirements of D.C. law and impose additional sanctions and penalties for violations by students, faculty, and staff.

Sexual Misconduct

Georgetown University is committed to providing a safe and hospitable environment for all members of its community.  Sexual Misconduct subverts the University's mission, and threatens permanent damage to the educational experience, careers, and well being of students, faculty, and staff.  Georgetown University prohibits sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.