Student Organizations

Student Organization policies are provided to students as a guide of their rights to utilize campus facilities and media in such a way that abide by the university’s code of conduct.

Access to Benefits

Student organizations are eligible for benefits including access to funding, campus resources, technology/communication support and advising.

Advertising Policy for Student Media

Ad space in campus media (newspapers, television, radio) is subject to approval in order to align with Georgetown University Catholic values.

Concessions and Student Business

On-campus/student-run businesses sales prohibited unless sanctioned and unauthorized student/private groups are prohibited from using university associated copyrights

Outdoor Noise

To reduce noise complaints, it is the event organizer’s responsibility to ensure events are scheduled and located in accordance with the Outdoor Noise Policy. On-campus events hosted in outdoor spaces by student organizations or university departments are subject to guidelines for appropriate space use and management.

Serving Alcoholic Beverages at Student Organization Events

On-campus events which include the service of alcohol requires compliance with safety, security and supervision measures.

Speech and Expression Policy

Georgetown encourages free expression of ideas through speech and action.

Student Organization Standards

Student Organizations are eligible for university resources through open membership, size, originality, integrity, and compliance with university policy and constitutions.

Vehicle Policy

Drivers of university vehicles must be authorized and practice safe driving.