The Lena Landegger Community Service Awards

To commemorate the memory of the late Lena Landegger (H'87), the Landegger Charitable Foundation has made a generous gift to Georgetown University for the purpose of honoring and rewarding Georgetown undergraduates for distinguished contributions to community service. These are students who have voluntarily committed to serve those in need in the many communities of which Georgetown is a part. Each year, twenty students will be selected to receive the awards. The Lena Landegger Community Service Awards provide a remarkable occasion for Georgetown to celebrate and honor its deep commitment to community service.

“In Jesuit education, service is not just about helping, but about learning. As we help someone in need, we hopefully learn from them in a way that builds friendship. In Catholic social teaching, we call this solidarity – the recognition that we are all children of God, that we all have needs and that we all have something to give and to learn from one another.”
Rev. Kevin O’Brien, S.J. 2012 Landegger Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2018 Recipients of the Lena Landegger Community Service Awards!               

2018 Landegger Awards Ceremony Group Photo

Cristeen Anyanwu (COL’18)
Mia Campbell (COL’18)
Bianca Clark (SFS’18)
Laura Dickinson (COL’18)
Taylor Franklin (NHS’18)
Cassidy Jensen (COL’18)
Grace Jiang (SFS’18)
Alisha Kamran (SFS’18)
Emily Kaye (COL’18)
Eliane Lakam (COL’18)
Katherine Leopold (COL’18)
Sylvia Levy (SFS’18)
Derrick Little (COL’18)
Laura Padilla (COL’18)
Austin Rose (COL’18)
Grace Smith (COL’18)
Lauren Smith (COL’18)
Cecia Soza (COL’18)
Wakaha Sampei (SFS’18)
Jerome Smalls (MSB’19)

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